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 At Claylamp, we deliver high-impact Information Technology Services which meet Current Technologies and Standards.



Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. We provide awesome websites with a unique style and clear focused message. Learn more >

Our web developers work at the blending edge of internet technologies like PHP, Ajax, MySQL, Java, HTML, DHTML, XML, css.
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Website Apps can extend your website to do almost anything you can imagine, Check out our amazing web apps. Learn more >

Search Engine Optimization is a method of getting your website to rank higher in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.
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Enterprise-class web analytics made smarter, friendlier. We integrate Google Analytics into your webpages. Learn more >

Our Content Management System quite literally allows you to control and manage the content within your web site without technical knowledge. Learn more >

Social Media Optimization is the process by which you make your website content easily shareable across the social web,like
facebook, twitter. Learn more >

Our flexible E-commerce solutions give you access to 
a suite of easy to use features that will transform the way you sell online. Learn more >

In the past few years, one of the biggest areas of change has been the amount of Internet users who are accessing websites via mobile devices. Learn more >

We host your website on world best Linux server which is Aggressively secure, Incredibly fast, and ( Domain name for free. Learn more >

Get your webpage loading speed optimized for higher search engine rankings and Greater user experience. Learn more >

Check out some cool features that we integrate into your website. Learn more >



We are passionate about creating beautiful and sophisticated Apple iOS applications for everyday use. Knowing the keys of what a first-class Apple iOS app should look like: beautiful, responsive and intuitive, we aspire to pixel-level perfection in every application we build, from design to coding.



We are currently developing some cool iphone apps for iTunes app store, soon our iphone application development service will be available for clients.